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My name is Chad Walters-McNaughton, MSW, and for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated and moved by dreams.  They have left a lasting impression on me and how I view the world.  Through my experience working in the health sector, I have come to see how easily we can neglect our own inner guide and intuition.  I believe that through Dreamwork we can face and move through many of life's joys, traumas, and challenges. 

Areas of Interest and Coaching

Sleep Paralysis

Lucid Dreaming

Visitation Dreams

dream art 


Dream Journaling




What Dreamers Say

"Who knew nightmares didn't have to be scary anymore?  I am forever grateful to have had some sessions with Chad. It has helped a lot!" 


"The dream is often occupied with apparently very silly details, thus producing an impression of absurdity, or else it is on the surface so unintelligible as to leave us thoroughly bewildered...

...But when at last we penetrate to its real meaning, we find ourselves deep in the dreamer’s secrets and discover with astonishment that an apparently quite senseless dream is in the highest degree significant, and that in reality it speaks only of important and serious matters."

- Carl G. Jung

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Auckland, New Zealand


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